Radio Workshop: Youth from Southern Soudan

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Michael Lual

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Michael Lual, 17, is a student at Juba Day School in Southern Sudan. Despite a government promise that top students would receive help with their school fees, Michael and his family are still struggling to pay for his education.

In June, UNICEF Radio, in partnership with UNICEF’s Back on Track programme, UNICEF’s Southern Sudan country office, and Southern Sudan Radio, conducted a week-long workshop for ten young people from Juba, Southern Sudan. Five boys and five girls were chosen from local schools and learned how to record, edit, write and produce a radio piece of their own.

Michael Lual, 17, chose to do a piece about the school fees that students in Southern Sudan pay. Dorothy Lurit, 15, recorded a story about the struggles she and her sisters have finding enough support to attend school ever since their father died. Other workshop participants produced stories about topics that ranged from whitening cosmetics to early marriage to trash collection to Tereza Kitale’s personal story about her dream of becoming a pilot when she grows up.

In all, the students produced more than fifteen stories in both English and Arabic, and many aired on 16 June on Southern Sudan Radio to commemorate the Day of the African Child.

UNICEF Radio and UNICEF’s Back on Track programme will be conducting a series of similar workshops in the coming months to bring young people’s perspectives into the debate around education in emergencies and post-crisis transition, and to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which guarantees the rights of all children, all around the world.

UNICEF’s Southern Sudan country office will work with Southern Sudan Radio to continue involving the new radio journalists in its youth radio programs, helping to empower young people by giving them the chance to broadcast their voices throughout the region.

School Fees

Michael Lual is a 17-year-old student at Juba Day School in Juba, Southern Sudan. Michael’s father died during Sudan’s civil war, and he now lives with his uncle so that he can attend school in Juba. Michael is one of the top students at his school, but he struggles to pay his school fees, even though last year the overnment announced a policy that would reward Southern Sudan’s best students with free education. Some of his friends can’t afford to go to school at all. “The government should give money to the top students because it can encourage others,” he says.

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School Fees

Alfred Malish

Alfred Malish

Practice Of Early Marriage

Alfred Malish, 15, is a student at Juba Day School in Juba, Southern Sudan. Alfred is worried about the practice of early marriage, in which young people – usually girls – are married at a very early age. These girls usually stop attending school, and Malish discusses this problem with his friend Stella, a 16-year-old who is pregnant. “It is paining for me,” Malish says. “Let them go to school.”

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Early Marriage


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