Philippines: Living in the shadow of danger

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At the ringing of the bell, staff, students and their parents at the San Jose Elementary School know exactly what to do. They have practiced this drill before and know that in this disaster-prone corner of the Philippines, it is an exercise that could one day save lives. For behind this school, shrouded in mist and steam, is the Mount Mayon volcano – a permanent reminder of potential danger.

Supported by UNICEF, the local non-governmental organization TABI organizes a number of initiatives in schools in Albay province. The focus of TABI’s work with the local community is self-reliance, knowing that in times of emergency they may only have each other for support.

These programmes and investments in education have proved their worth in building resilience in the community and shaping a new generation of leaders for a more sustainable future.

Philippines: Living in the shadow of danger from UNICEF: Back on Track on Vimeo.

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