Peacebuilding and Education Events in the Netherlands

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The four-year Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy (PBEA) Programme – a partnership among UNICEF, the Government of the Netherlands, national governments and other key partners – is an innovative, cross-sectoral programme aimed at bolstering policies and practices around education for peacebuilding. It focuses on strengthening resilience, social cohesion and human security in conflict-affected contexts, including countries at risk of or recovering from conflict. The PBEA programme currently operates in 14 countries: Burundi, Chad, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Liberia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, State of Palestine, Uganda and Yemen.

In October, UNICEF met with the Government of the Netherlands to review programme results in 2012 as well as discuss opportunities and challenges moving forward. On 21 October, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UNICEF hosted the Peacebuilding and Education Symposium to explore the contribution of education to security and rule of law in post-conflict states. On 23 October, the IS Academie on Education and International Development hosted The Practice of Peacebuilding and Education, where UNICEF staff presented their experiences on the ground in implementing the PBEA programme.

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