INEE Tools Launch 2010


Geneva, New York, Paris: 23 June 2010 – Today we are thrilled to announce the global launch of four major new inter-agency tools that have been developed by literally hundreds of INEE members over the past year.

The tools

INEE Minimum Standards for Education Preparedness Response Recovery, 2010(updated 2010 edition) is the only global tool that articulates the minimum level of educational quality and access in emergencies through to recovery, providing good practices for coordinated action by education practitioners and policy makers in governments and international and national agencies.

INEE Teaching and Learning Guidance Notes, 2010articulates good practice on critical issues related to curricula adaptation and development, instruction and learning processes, teacher training and support, and the assessment of learning outcomes, focusing on the importance of quality side of Education for All.

INEE Reference Guide on External Education Financing, 2010provides an overview of the different types of mechanisms for financing education in order to help governments, policy makers and civil society better understand the ways in which donors provide education assistance, how various funding mechanisms work and why donors choose one funding mechanism over another. Also available in French here.

INEE Pocket Guide to Gender, 2010distils essential gender equality programming principles and provides concrete strategies for putting gender equality into practice. It is intended for anyone working to provide, manage or support education services as part of emergency preparedness, response or recovery. Please click here to access the INEE Gender Task Team webpage for more relevant tools, resources and training materials.

Regional launch events

The launch events will bring together education practitioners and policy makers in a series of inter-active workshop events that will officially launch the tools, offer a choice of orientation workshops on a range of INEE Tools, and provide opportunities to interact and network with fellow education in emergencies actors.

Currently, events are planned in the following locations:

* Dakar, Senegal, on June 25, hosted by UNICEF with Action Aid, UNESCO, Plan International, Save the Children

* Washington, DC on July 1, co-hosted by Brookings Institution, Academy of Educational Development (AED), ChildFund International, Plan International, Save the Children, Fast Track Initiative, and World Learning

* New York, NY on July 7, co-hosted by ChildFund International, UNICEF, UNESCO, IRC, Save the Children and other partners

* Bangkok, Thailand on July 12, co-hosted by UNESCO

* Nairobi, Kenya on July 30, co-hosted by Save the Children, Refugee Education Trust (RET), UNICEF, World Vision, and other partners

* Oslo, Norway on September 21, co-hosted by Save the Children, NORAD, Norwegian Refugee Council

* Lima, Peru in October, co-hosted by UNICEF and other partners

* Geneva, Switzerland in the fall, RET, UNHCR, IASC Education Cluster and other partners

* Paris, France in the fall, co-hosted by UNESCO, other co-hosts TBC

* Middle East Region, in the fall, location and date TBC

If you are interested in attending any of these events in person, please email, indicating the location. Spaces for participation may be limited in some locations, but we will work with the co-hosts to try to accommodate as many INEE members as possible. Please note that INEE is not able to fund travel or other expenses related to attending these events.

Organise a launch event

If you don’t see your location listed above, and would like to launch these new INEE tools in your country, city, or office, please consider working with others to organize a launch event yourself. The INEE Secretariat will be providing materials including powerpoints, facilitation guides and the hard copies of the tools to help you in your preparations. Please email to let us know if you are interested in organizing an event.

Virtual launch events

In additional to the physical launch events, the INEE Secretariat is planning a series of virtual launches over the next few months to share these new tools with INEE members who are not able to attend the face-to-face events. There will be online opportunities to view the tools, hear about the content of each tool from those involved in their development, and ask questions about how you might use them in your own work. More details will be forthcoming, but if you would like to register your interest, please email

A press release is available from INEE.