UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning e-forum on gender equality from 26 March to 6 April 2012

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Despite the continuing commitment of the international community, global figures on girls’ education make it all too clear that many urgent challenges remain to be addressed:

  • some 39 million girls are still out of school;
  • women represent two-thirds of the world’s 796 million illiterate adults;
  • only one-third of countries have achieved gender parity at secondary level.

These were among the issues addressed by IIEP’s annual Policy Forum, held in October 2011, Gender Equality in Education: Looking beyond Parity. Among the recommendations of the forum – which drew over 100 people from 35 nations – was to ensure ongoing collaboration with a variety of actors on gender equality issues.

Forthcoming e-forum

Following this recommendation, and in order to capitalize on the success of the event, IIEP is pleased to invite you to an e-forum from 26 March to 6 April 2012 in order to facilitate continued discussion, in particular on:

  • gender differences in student learning achievement at the school and classroom level;
  • gender equality in relation to educational leadership in planning and management.

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Drawing by an 8-year old Sri Lankan girl as part of the annual European Commission competition to promote gender equality.

The e-forum will also be an opportunity for the Institute to launch an innovative new virtual platform, enabling participants to virtually interact via a chat room and to take part in forum discussions. Participants will be able to access a variety of resources, including the keynote speeches and presentations made at the 2011 Policy Forum. This platform will be maintained after the e-forum to ensure that debates continue and that resources remain available for all.

Sign up

A report on Policy Forum discussions and the papers and PowerPoints presented at the Forum have just been released. The videos of the opening ceremonies and the keynote speeches will be available in March at the launch of the e-forum.

To download the report and presentations, visit:

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