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This document reports the findings of a UNICEF/UNESCO Mapping of Global DRR Integration into Education Curricula consultancy. The researchers were tasked with capturing key national experiences in the integration of disaster risk reduction in school curriculum, identifying good practice, noting issues addressed and issues lacking and reviewing learning outcomes. The thirty case studies cover all UNICEF regions and represent all levels of dev. They reflect the wealth and variety of national initiatives to integrate DRR in school curricula.

Disaster Risk Reduction in School Curricula: Case Studies from Thirty Countries

The report also extracts global conclusions from these experiences on: curriculum development/integration; pedagogy; student assessment; learning outcomes/competencies; policy development, planning and implementation aspects. A checklist of optimal DRR curriculum practice and recommendations for a subsequent consultancy to provide structured guidance on the issue for Governments close the report. This report, even before its publication, has already spun the interest of UNICEF, UNESCO, UNDP and Government colleagues around the world.

The next stage is the development of the normative guidelines based on best practices from this publication. The process will be similar, with the advisory group guiding the development of the guidance.

Publication date: July 2012

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